Life Energy Garden

Dedicated to fire, water, air and earth: the power of the elements at the Pirchner Hof

The four elements play an important role in Hildegard’s teachings, and at the Pirchner Hof we have dedicated a very special place to them – the Life Energy Garden:

‘Just as the four elements hold the world together, they also form the structure for the human body. From fire humans have the warmth of their bodies, from air they have their breath, from water they have their blood and from earth their bodies.’

Our garden is dedicated to the energy of life and features ‘power spots’ based on the four elements. Warm your body and soul at the power spot of fire. Comfortable seats and a gentle breeze await at the power spot of air. The power spot of water is located in the vicinity of the natural bio pond, outdoor swimming pool and Kneipp circuit. And at the centre of the earth power spot – a space of profound emotions – stands a mature linden tree known to folklore as the ‘tree of lovers’.

Fire – invites release and enjoyment:

  • flickering candlelight
  • a warming fire in the grate
  • a crackling campfire in the life energy garden
  • the rays of the sun against your skin
  • bequeaths energy and warms our hearts

Air – refreshes and brings clarity:

  • crystal clear mountain air
  • a gentle breeze
  • clouds drifting across the sky, moved along by the wind

Water – cleanses and awakens the child within:

  • the ripples on Lake Reith
  • that refreshing feeling that comes from dipping your feet in cool waters
  • leaves drifting on the water’s surface
  • the patter of raindrops against the windows

Earth – the foundation of our being:

  • outdoor pursuits
  • gardening and working with plants
  • taking conscious pleasure in the natural world around us