Living in unison with the yearly cycle

Through the seasons with Hildegard

Spring – the fasting season

Hildegard considered spring to be a time of fasting. However, she didn’t think of fasting as starvation but as mindful abstinence. To allow the body to be gently cleansed and detoxified, our spring menu features herbal spreads, wholegrain spelt bread, fish, fennel dishes, and vegetable soups.

Summer – the season of herbs

In the summer, nature’s kitchen is at its peak at the Pirchner Hof health farm. Fresh natural herbs and spices from our own garden are now integral components of every meal. The summertime delicacies most praised by Hildegard von Bingen include cold berry soup, fruit salad, vegetables, veal in aspic, and milky herb smoothies.

Autumn – the season of preserves

In the autumn it is important that we make the vitamin rich harvest last as long as possible. Natural herbs are used to make vinegars and oils that preserve the plants’ fabulous flavours, as well as their beneficial effects. Throughout the year, jams made with Hildegard fruits such as blackberries and apricots act as sweet reminders of summer.

Winter – the season of rest

For Hildegard von Bingen and the Pirchner Hof Hotel & Farm, winter is a time of rest and wellbeing. The menu now includes richer dishes and delicious festive cakes, biscuits and pastries made with Hildegard spices. Enjoyed in moderation and seasoned with natural herbs and spices, they too have a wholesome benefit.