Indoor & outdoor vitality programme

Get active!

An overview

Aqua Fit: moderate exercises for mobility and strength include stretches and put a spring in your step at the start of the day.
Pilates: a gentle workout focusing on posture, breathing, flexibility, muscle toning and relaxation.
Foot fitness: exercises aimed at preventing foot-related problems and misalignments. The exercises also improve balance and pronation.
Back exercises: for the prevention or relief of spinal problems – gentle back exercises mobilise, strengthen and stretch the spine and surrounding muscles.
Zen workout: an easy-going combination of Qigong, Yoga and Tai Chi with long-term beneficial effects.
Zumba fitness: blends aerobics and Latin dance elements for enhanced balance, greater endurance and added pizzazz.

The programme also includes numerous guided outdoor activities such as year-round walks with the Peer family, herb forays with Maria Schellhorn, mountain biking, wading in the Kneipp pool, meditation, campfire nights, barefoot walks and, in winter, snowshoeing.