Insider tips

Our favourite regional attractions

From the amusing Cemetery Museum (no dead bodies here!) to concerts in the Schlosspark: the following excursion destinations are our tourist tips for you!

Hildegard von Bingen garden in Kramsach: adjacent to Reith’s secondary school, you’ll find the first Hildegard von Bingen herb garden full of medicinal plants. Visitors can admire their beauty while finding out about their healing applications and effects. The 900sqm garden also includes a barefoot trail and a massage path.

The whimsical Cemetery Museum in Reith: nobody is buried in this graveyard, but the inscriptions on the ornate grave crosses are highly entertaining!

The mountain farming museum in Inneralpbach: ‘Vorder-Unterberg’ is the name of this farm, which was built in 1636-1638 and is now a ‘living museum’. There is still livestock in the outbuildings, and the farm exhibits include 800 household objects and items of furniture from a bygone age. The owner is on hand to tell stories about the farmer’s lot throughout history …

Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens: a magical world with Chambers of Wonder, water spouting giants and sparkling installations that dazzle and delight.

Matzen landscape garden in Brixlegg: an easy walk leads to the castle’s delightful park, laid out in the English landscape style. It is considered one of Tyrol’s most beautiful gardens and is home to many exotic trees and shrubs. During the summer’s ‘Matzener Sommer’, the open-air stage plays host to numerous concerts, cabaret performances and readings.