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We believe that beauty treatments need to reflect the loveliness of nature. See for yourself!

Piroche Cosmétiques treatments

Your beauty therapist will compile a detailed case history before embarking on a treatment based on the three basic components of detoxification, stimulation and natural regeneration.

The bioenergy drainage method developed by Piroche Cosmétiques combined with the active substances contained in their products clears the body of toxins accumulated as a result of nutritional, environmental and stress-related factors. Following purification, the body is able to better absorb Piroche Cosmétiques' precious substances.

The therapist combines exquisite essential oils and bio-aroma products chosen to suit each client's individual needs for tailormade body treatments to restore the body's natural balance of beauty and energy needs.

The holistic results of this effective treatment concept bring about the natural regeneration and activation of body cells and restore inner balance.




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