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Hildegard von Bingen
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Our goal: to be the perfect hosts

Relax, unwind and enjoy life with the Peer family

The Pirchner Hof has been in the Peer family for two generations and over 40 years. As hosts, their motto is: follow your dreams and make your visions and goals come true. They believe in inspiring others with the things that inspire them.

Christa Peer

Christa Peer has been captivated by Hildegard von Bingen’s teachings for many years, and you could say she has turned her calling into her career. As a qualified Hildegard expert, she ensures fasting guests have a healthy and energising stay.

Wolfgang Peer

A passionate sports coach, Wolfgang Peer has a wealth of knowledge about human nature, as well as bags of experience, expertise and enthusiasm for exercise, movement, sport and health. Every form of exercise is fun when he’s at the helm!

Tina Peer

Their daughter Tina Peer has always had an aptitude for physical and mental wellbeing. Now, as a qualified beautician, make-up artist and medical chiropodist, she runs the Pirchner Hof’s beauty workshop.

Sonja Peer und Margit Rieser

Their other daughter Sonja Peer, along with Christa’s sister, Margit Rieser, ensure the reception desk and reservations run like clockwork. From your very first phone call to your arrival, this charming pair makes every guest feel warmly welcome and at home.

Thomas Peer

Son Thomas Peer runs the family farm and supplies the Pirchner Hof with eggs from free range hens, beef from the suckler herd, and all sorts of fruit and fresh, vitamin-rich produce: excellent regional quality that you can taste.

Guiding principles

Be content with what you have, be happy for others, bounce back from failures and setbacks, and stick together as a team and as a family: for the Peers, it’s just being human. This positive attitude permeates the hotel and gives it its unique atmosphere and welcoming charm.


‘My wish is to give as many people as possible an understanding of Hildegard von Bingen’s teachings, and to do this in a lovely, relaxed holiday atmosphere devoid of dogma.’

Christa is the heart and soul of the hotel. She is also a qualified expert in all things Hildegard von Bingen.

She holds lectures on the basic principles of Hildegard’s philosophy, and teaches guests how to draw strength from nature and use food as medicine.

She leads guided herb forays and a fasting programme in a way that guests find insightful and engaging.

‘What I like so much about Hildegard von Bingen is her mindful, life-affirming and holistic perspective. Her philosophy is so contemporary, she could have been writing for today’s society. This is what makes her so relatable.’ (Christa Peer)

‘When the weather is good, I like to head out into the countryside with my guests. Being in the elements is entirely in the spirit of Hildegard’s teachings. Plus, all that fresh air combined with the stunning views contributes to the positive effects of exercising.’

As an instructor, coach and passionate athlete, Wolfgang Peer is always on the go, and has an impressive portfolio of experience and qualifications to show for it:

  • 20-year career as a coach for the Tyrolean Ski Association
  • State certified Alpine ski coach
  • State certified mountain bike guide
  • State certified Aqua Fit instructor
  • Qualified Smovey coach
  • State certified back therapy coach
  • Qualified Dorn method spinal therapist

You are certainly in good hands with Wolfgang Peer when it comes to sports and fitness. He often spends weeks fine-tuning the Pirchner Hof’s exercise and activity programme to ensure you get the best-possible, therapy-orientated training, and won’t rest until he can be sure you will have fun while improving your wellbeing and vitality.

As the people behind the first holistic Hildegard von Bingen hotel, the Peers believe people can do great things when they put their heart and soul into them – and act in harmony with nature. As your hosts, they have lovingly created a space that they continue to nurture, because it is not just their home but yours too for the duration of your stay.

Whether in the Life Energy Garden or in the mountains and great outdoors, nature displays its power every day, revealing to us the beauty and value of life. In keeping with the traditions of Hildegard von Bingen, the Peers and their team try to find significance in the small and ordinary things and to consciously perceive everything that offers us strength – physically, mentally and spiritually. It is only with this holistic perspective that we can be at one with ourselves, as well as enjoying good health and vitality.

At the Pirchner Hof, you are gently guided towards a healthy, Hildegard von Bingen-based lifestyle that can be easily and sustainably integrated into your everyday life.