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Hildegard’s Disciple

Christa Peer has been teaching guests of the Hotel Pirchnerhof for many years on how to draw strength from nature and use food as a healing agent. For the trained Hildegard von Bingen speaker and well-being coach, Hildegard’s insights are more current than ever:

“What I like so much about Hildegard von Bingen is her mindful and life-affirming attitude and her holistic approach. Her philosophy is so contemporary, as if it were made for our society. It just makes her livable.” 

Get to know Christa Peer at the Hotel Pirchnerhof on one of her herbal walks, as a fasting companion, at a lecture or fireside chat in the refuge about Hildegard’s life. You will also taste Christa’s tips, as the herbs and spices from her garden find their way into the best dishes every day. And if you should ever catch a cold, Christa’s natural pharmacy has a large selection of tinctures, drops and powders ready for you.