Hotel Pirchnerhof – We live sustainability

Your Green Hotel in Austria

“Sustainability is only successful when it is lived by everyone. Whether guests, employees, or partners. Together we create the environment to shape our hotel as a liveable and successful space in the economic, social, cultural and environmental areas.”

That is why we at Hotel Pirchnerhof are particularly proud of our Austrian Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel certification.


We for the environment

At Hotel Pirchnerhof it is important to us to consider people, nature and our activities as a whole. Therefore, we place the highest value on quality and sustainability. All according to the approach of Hildegard von Bingen and a holistic well-being.

As a regional employer, we are very aware of our responsibility and always make decisions with sustainability and regionality in mind. It is important for us to treat our employees with respect for the resources available to us. They are trained to understand the importance and to handle in this respect, at work and as well at home. Because only together we are strong.

We in our environment

Regionality and short distances are our key to success (or to protecting the environment). To keep the added value in the region, we work with local and regional partner companies: from farmers to electricians to carpenters – we endorse our regional network.

Likewise, we obtain our food as well as products for daily use from the immediate surroundings, among others:

  • Vegetables and herbs from our own garden.
  • Best Alpbachtal valley mountain water as the basis for still and sparkling enjoyment.
  • Eggs and beef from the neighbouring farm.
  • Our cheese is produced in Tyrolean alpine dairies.
  • The honey is from our neighbouring village.
  • Wines from Austria and a winery from North Tyrol.
  • Schnaps is distilled in small regional distilleries.
  • Massage oil comes from the company Tiroler Steinöl.
  • Wellness bags from Tyrol.
  • Local printers such as Hernegger Druck with FSC-certified papers.

Our kitchen team is inspired by the seasonal range of foods and their regionality. We are a business partner of the AMA Genussregion and won the “Bewusst-Tirol” award as district winner in 2020.

Talking brings people together

For us, communication with our guests and partners is the be-all and end-all of a good relationship. That’s why we are always in communication, but we are very careful about HOW we communicate. We use a lot of communication channels online. We try to avoid printed advertising material as much as possible, and if we do, we make sure to use small quantities of FSC-certified paper. We have switched our office papers to those with the ISO Type I eco-label, Austrian eco-label, Nordic Swan, EU Eco Label or Blue Angel.

We protect the environment

Upcycling instead of throwing out: During the renovation work in 2021, care was taken to preserve as much of the substance as possible and to renovate instead of replacing. Let it be lighted and warm: all hotel rooms, suites, corridors as well as public areas in the hotel are equipped with LED and energy-saving lamps. The common areas are coordinated with a central bus system to act as energy-saving as possible. We obtain 100% of our electricity from Ökoenergie Tirol. From April to October, the 120m² solar system provides all the hot water, including for our pools

All drinking water consumed at tables and in the room is prepared in carafes, still or sparkling, with the help of a dispensing system for maximum enjoyment and minimal carbon footprint, reducing about 6000-7000 bottle logistics annually. For maximum water enjoyment and minimum consumption, shower heads (9L/min) and water taps (6L/min) are used in the hotel in accordance with the guidelines of the Austrian and European eco-labels. In our in-house laundry we only use eco-certified detergents. These are automatically added via a dosing station in order to use only as much as necessary.

We dispose properly

At Hotel Pirchnerhof we attach great importance to waste avoidance. If waste does occur, it is separated correctly. Our employees are also trained in this respect. Our organic waste is used to make compost in the nearby earthworks, our garden waste is loaded onto the hotel’s own compost and is returned to the natural cycle for planting next year.

We travel green

Guests arriving by public transport can book our e-shuttle to be picked up and e-shuttled to our hotel. As a recognition for travelling green, they receive a green voucher upon check in for a free cocktail of their choice at our bar. Moreover, additional charging facilities for e-cars and e-bikes are available at our hotel.

  • 2 fixed PCE charging stations with Type 2 plugs for charging electric cars
  • 2 bicycles are freely available to employees
  • We promote our e-bike partner in the village
  • E-shuttle available for guests as well as car rides for the team and management