Fasting with joy

Release new energies through your fasting & detox retreat in Austria

Fasting has a long tradition and means more than eating nothing. It is a cleansing process and takes place not only on a physical level, but also on a mental and spiritual level. Hildegard fasting is a voluntary reduction for a foreseeable period of time, which is rewarded by well-being, clarity and new energy.

Hildegard von Bingen recommended fasting as a remedy and the “Gentle Hildegard Fast”, where we eat a small meal 3 times a day, can be practised by everyone. This kind of fasting is fun and has a lasting effect, it becomes an enlightening and exciting process in which we sharpen our perception, sensitise our body awareness and get rid of ballast – also in a figurative sense. Holistic fasting relieves, eases and opens doors to the inside.

When fasting, it is above all important to get in touch with oneself so that the insights gained can have a lasting effect. Lent offers the opportunity to become conscious, attentive and mindful and to observe one’s habits. Lent is also a time to nurture again the small pleasures that one used to have time for. It is an opportunity to revive one’s talents and interests and to sense what is important to oneself.

Your Lenten advisers are looking forward to a pleasant and joyful week!

7 days from EUR 1039.00

Included services

To make this fasting week a very special week, the following focal points await you in addition to the 7 nights in the Hotel Pirchnerhof, the hotel’s pampering and exercise program:

  • Common meals in the group (6 x fasting meals, 1 x Hildegard menu)

  • Daily morning or evening meditation (optional)

  • Daily exchange of experiences in the group

  • Short presentations and fasting impulses

  • Individual meetings on request

  • Instructions for daily liver wrap for detoxification

  • Base salt for foot bath

  • and much more!

Fasting weeks 2024

  • 07. – 14. January

  • 26. May – 02. June

  • 02. – 09. June

  • 29. September – 06. October

  • 20. – 27. October

Fasting culinary

Hildegard therapeutic fasting is not the same as grain meal and renunciation of culinary. On the contrary, through fasting tastes are perceived differently and can thus be discovered and appreciated more. During the fasting week your meals consist of:

  • Fresh habermus or homemade spelt bread for breakfast

  • Vegetable soup or salad for lunch

  • Spelt semolina soup for dinner

  • Fennel tea as a fasting drink and various herbal teas

  • Rock crystal water

  • Homemade heart wine (Herzwein)

  • Homemade chestnut honey

  • Bärwurz pear honey

It is important to carry out your fasting week in one line. That is, if you decide to eat spelt bread for breakfast, you should eat it for breakfast throughout the week.

Your fasting spa package

Treat yourself to the complete fasting spa package and promote your complete cleanse for EUR 185.00 per person extra.

  • 1 draining body wrap (40min)

  • 1 lymphatic drainage (30min)

  • 1 monastery brush massage with base oil (50min)

Only bookable in combination with the room and the fasting week.

“The Beautification” – Die Verschönerei

To support the detoxification, stimulation and regeneration of your body, book further care treatments in the attached “Verschönerei” of Tina Peer.

Please make sure to book your further treatments in advance.

 +43 (0)660 / 6689600

Book your Hildegard fasting week and gain new energy to stimulate self-healing and purification processes in the body

“Fasting brings new aspects into our lives. Because through conscious renunciation, the reduction of things we don’t need, we create free space. When we rediscover the right measure, we are more sensitive to a healthy lifestyle in the future.”

Christa Peer, our well-being coach and trained fasting companion according to Hildegard von Bingen

Book your fasting vacation by mail via or by phone via +43 5337 62749.