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Fasting & Detox

Release new energies

Those who would like to free themselves from physical and mental ballast will find the ideal address at the Hotel Pirchnerhof for therapeutic fasting. Our many years of experience with Hildegard fasting, a special form of alkaline fasting, focuses on replacing burdening foods with particularly high-quality products. The focus is not on the

The focus is not on weight reduction, but on gaining new energy to stimulate self-healing and purification processes in the body.

The Hildegard fast to increase physical and mental well-being usually lasts six to twelve days. The main foods and dishes during the Hildegard Fast include spelt dishes, vegetable soup and salads.

Well-being coach Christa Peer and trained fasting companion according to Hildegard von Bingen, sums up the secret of therapeutic fasting:

“Fasting brings new aspects into our lives. Because through conscious renunciation, the reduction of things we don’t need, we create free space. When we rediscover the right measure, we are more sensitive to a healthy lifestyle in the future.