Spending the best time of the year together

The Pirchnerhof family hotel in the Alpbachtal, Tyrol: health, enjoyment and fun

The perfect holiday for families with children: fun, good humour and a varied programme are guaranteed at the Hotel Pirchnerhof in Alpbachtal throughout the year. Whether during the summer, autumn or winter holidays: Conscious nutrition, enjoyable rest breaks, action in nature and above all, family time together to recharge body and soul.

Journeys of discovery in nature

Explore the untouched and pristine beauty of the alpine mountains around the Alpbachtal. Immerse yourself in farm life and learn about the annual wheel of gardening, sowing, growing, harvesting and cooking.

Adventure on the mountain

Our mountains around the Tyrolean Alpbachtal offer an incredible variety of opportunities to move and relax in nature. Breathe in the wonderfully fresh mountain air while hiking, play cards in convivial company at the hut, climb a peak on foot or by e-bike and conquer heights while climbing in the high ropes course. Learn to ski or snowboard in winter, hike through the freshly snow-covered forest on snowshoes, build a snowman with the whole family and whizz down from the mountain to the valley on a toboggan.

Fun in the valley

In summer, dive into one of the gorgeous clear and fresh lakes, experience happy hours in the water worlds, win a tennis match, try new tricks in the skate park “The Cradle”, play a game of mini-golf in the “Children’s Park” or just take a leisurely ride on the slow train and enjoy the scenery.

Right here at Hotel Pirchnerhof

If you are active and take care of your body, you feel good and fit. We impart this awareness with our activity programme even to the youngest children.

Try out the barefoot path in the hotel garden, romp around on the sunbathing lawn, do gymnastics in the exercise room or swim and splash in the pools. Enjoy and taste the power of nature in our regionally and sustainably produced, freshly prepared healthy dishes and end the evening with a fun game of bocce in the garden.