A very special flavour

Herb & spice garden according to Hildegard von Bingen

Herbs and spices not only give food its unique taste, they also unfold a special healing effect when combined and used in the right way. Hildegard von Bingen dedicated her entire life to researching the healing properties of herbs.

The herb garden at the Hotel Pirchnerhof was planted according to Hildegard’s principles and findings. A variety of herbs and spices grow here, such as fennel, hyssop, quender, sage, parsley, savory, juniper or lemon balm, which we integrate into our daily routine from the kitchen to the spa area.

Let Christa Peer explain the individual herbs, their appearance and use in our herb garden. Smell and taste what nature gives us every day. Immerse yourself in the world of herbs with our

  • homemade herb wines

  • herbal oils and vinegars

  • herbal treatments in our Vital Spa

  • guided herb walks

  • lectures by Christa Peer