Rest in your own centre

Draw strength from nature with a yoga retreat in your 4* hotel in Tyrol, Austria

Yoga is a central part of our daily activity programme. Our yoga instructor Gabrielle Poll will be happy to introduce you to the world of asanas in the light-flooded yoga and movement room. Situated in the middle of the hotel garden, you will find perfect unity and harmony during the exercises while enjoying the view of the Tyrolean mountains. Take time for yourself and feel the perfect unity and harmony during the perfect unity and harmony.

Yoga Retreats

You would like to start the day with a morning yoga session and also experience further treatments throughout the day? At a yoga retreat this is possible. You decide in advance how you would like to organise the day and which programmes you would like to take part in.

For yoga holidays we offer regular yoga retreats of several days at the Hotel Pirchnerhof. Well-being coach Christa Peer and our yoga instructor Gabriele Poll guide you in the oneness of body and mind. Start the day with a sunrise hike at the summit of the Wiedesbergerhorn and experience our yoga sessions. In this very special place, let your flow consciously and feel the power and energy of the mountains. Because as Hildegard von Bingen already recognised for a happy life recognised:

“Being healthy requires a balanced relationship between man and nature, a harmonious coexistence of body, mind and soul.”