Timeless knowledge for your well-being

Holistic well-being at the Hildegard von Bingen Hotel in Austria

Even the ancient Romans knew that only “a healthy mind can be at home in a healthy body”. Hildegard von Bingen, who was considered a kind of universal scholar in the Middle Ages, knew this connection. She devoted her life especially to exploring a healthy way of living and eating:

“In eating and drinking, we pay attention to the subtleties of food. By this is meant those useful powers which are inherent in every natural food.”

Hildegard divided foods according to certain criteria, such as warming, cooling, dry, moist or gladdening. For example, she describes spelt as easier to digest, warmer and of higher quality than other grains. That’s why we serve fresh spelt rolls for breakfast or a fine dish of homemade spelt pasta in the evening.

At the Hotel Pirchnerhof, we rely entirely on Hildegard’s insight that when you eat higher quality food, you feel better as a whole person. Therefore, we only use high-quality food in our kitchen, which when eaten provides exactly the strength and energy you need for a relaxing or active holiday in the mountains.

Hildegard’s herbalism is now widely known. However, she also appreciated pure water mixed with semi-precious stones, natural herbal teas, pure juices made from fruits such as raspberries, blackberries, black currant or apples for a healthy lifestyle. And a good glass of wine every now and then!

Our well-being coach Christa Peer will be happy to introduce you to the many facets of Hildegard von Bingen’s teachings here at the Hotel Pirchnerhof.