Menschengruppe in einem Floss auf einem reißenden Fluss, Foto von Loren Dosti

Daring is often good for you

Adrenaline-charged white water rafting in the cold floods of Tyrol in Austria

Adrenaline junkies get their money’s worth on a water sports holiday in the Alpbachtal region. Whether it’s tubing, (family) rafting, white water swimming or kayaking – the “battle” with the wild water is at the centre of every activity. From the Brandenberger Ache to the picturesque rivers of the Tyrolean Oberland, the region’s waters offer a wealth of opportunities to test the limits of your own abilities. Whether you venture through the lively rapids, float in the crystal-clear waters of the mountain lakes or master the challenges of the raging rivers with an experienced guide – the variety of water sports options is limitless and promises the perfect balance of action and relaxation on holiday.

Highlights for your water sports holiday in Tyrol

  • Rafting on wild rivers
  • Challenging white water swimming
  • Family rafting tours
  • Adventurous tubing
  • Kayaking on calm or wild waters
  • Partnership with Sport Ossi & discounts with the Alpbachtal Card
  • Spa and wellness facilities in the hotel

Rafting in Tyrol – for adrenaline junkies & families

The rafting tours in the Tyrolean Oberland are among the most beautiful rafting routes in Tyrol on the Inn. Here, as well as on the World Cup route of the Ötztaler Ache, adventure-seekers can experience the thrill of rafting in its purest form as they navigate through breathtaking landscapes and past majestic mountain peaks. The tours not only offer the opportunity to test your own limits, but also to marvel at the beauty and unspoilt nature of the Tyrolean Alps.

In addition to adrenaline junkies, families also get their money’s worth. Special family rafting tours are offered in the region that are tailored to the needs of children and less experienced adventurers. These tours offer a safe yet exciting experience for the whole family and allow parents and children to enjoy the thrill of white water sports together. This makes family rafting an unforgettable adventure for young and old alike.

Person in einem Kayak auf dem Wasser, Bild von Thilo Lehnert

Kayaking in Tyrol

With numerous rivers and lakes, Tyrol offers a wide range of opportunities for kayaking on calm waters or exciting adventures on wild waters. So Tyrol has something for everyone on holiday, regardless of experience level or preference. The Sport Ossi white water sports centre in Kramsach offers beginners and advanced kayakers the option of learning the right kayaking techniques before testing their skills in the white water of the Brandenberger Ache.

Along the quieter waters, those who want to enjoy nature in peace and quiet can explore idyllic landscapes and experience the picturesque surroundings from a new perspective. For those looking for an adrenaline rush, the wild rivers of Tyrol also have challenging passages waiting to be conquered.

Thrills & a feeling of freedom when tube riding

The Alpbachtal valley offers the perfect starting point for unforgettable tube riding on holiday. This water sport involves riding 1.5 to 3.5 kilometres down the Brandenberger Ache to Kramsach in a neoprene suit with inflated and brightly painted lorry inner tubes. On this wild waterway, adventure-seekers experience an unrivalled feeling of freedom and thrills as they master the waves and admire the surroundings of the Tyrolean Alps. Accompanied by experienced guides who know the route inside out, you can be sure that you will experience an unforgettable and safe adventure.

Person in einem Schlauchring auf wildem Wasser, Foto von Ricky Mulki

White water swimming – a challenge for the adventurous

Would you like to test your physical limits in cool water outside a whitewater boat? White water swimming gives you the perfect opportunity to do just that. With a guide, you swim and hike through the middle of the Brandenberger Ache, experience the dynamics of the river up close and feel the different strengths of the current in every movement. To ensure your safety, a wetsuit, helmet, gloves and shoes are essential for this exciting water sport. At the same time, white water swimming offers an intense feeling of connection with nature. This activity is therefore a suitable opportunity to experience your own strength and the unspoilt beauty of the Tyrolean landscape.

Partnership with Sport Ossi

Would you like to try out some exciting water sports during your holiday in Tyrol, but you’re not sure where to start? We can book the most exciting activities for you with our partner Sport Ossi, a renowned provider of outdoor adventures in the region. Thanks to the staff’s expertise and passion for water sports, every moment on the water is guaranteed to be a unique experience. With their support, you can be sure to enjoy the best and safest activities while exploring the breathtaking nature and exciting waters of Tyrol. What’s more, by using the Alpbachtal Card, you can benefit from discounts on Sport Ossi’s offers.

Relaxation & comfort at the Pirchnerhof

After an adrenaline-fuelled day in the water, you will find the perfect relaxation in the spa and wellness area of our Hotel Pirchnerhof. Lean back in one of the saunas, relax in our steam bath or treat yourself to some time out in our infrared cabin. In addition, our relaxation room and sunbathing lawn invite you to read a good book, relax and unwind.

At the end of the day, enjoy the comfort and inviting ambience of our rooms & suites. Experience well-deserved peace and quiet in our cosy rooms and let yourself be enchanted by the combination of traditional flair and modern design. Are you convinced? Then book your room or suite with us in Tyrol today!